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Refugio Caletas-Arío


Declarado Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre en el 2006 fue creado para proteger de su extinción al reptil más grande del mundo, La tortuga Baula, que anida entre diciembre y enero. Otras tortugas marinas avistadas son la Lora que anida en setiembre y octubre y en menor medida Carey y Verde. Entre sus principales atractivos cuenta con paseos por sus 7 Km. de playas vírgenes o en los manglares y humedales de sus 300 hectáreas terrestres. Para quienes prefieren la navegación en botes o kayaks encontrarán un recorrido variado en los esteros de los ríos Bongo y Chapetón o en el área marina protegida, la cual se extiende 12 millas mar adentro incluyendo una cordillera subacuatica y arrecifes marinos de gran diversidad, aptos para el buceo y snorkeling. El acceso al refugio es gratuito y la pesca artesanal y deportiva esta permitida con cierta regulación. Circular con vehículos por la playa es ilegal por lo que se recomienda dejarlos en Manzanillo si accede por el sur o en Coyote de hacerlo por el norte, pueblos en donde también encontrará servicios de alojamiento (ver Anazasi Eco Villas), alimentación y tours.

This reserve was recently created to protect the extinction of the greatest reptile of the world, the Baula turtle. Other species of turtles, the Lora,Carey and Black Turtles are spotted passing through the area from September to January, also benefit from the protected refuge. The main attractions include walks in the 3 km virgin white sand beaches and mangroves, boating or kayaking in the Bongo river and Chapeton river estuaries or exploring the shoreline reef formations with snorkel or scuba gear, or participate in the volunteer program to help the turtles. There is no charge to access to the refuge.

Volunteers lodging recommended most close to the refuge Anazasi Eco Villas




ARIO HORSE TOURS: Situated along 3.5 kilometers of undeveloped coastline, the landscape encompasses coastal reefs, rock shore structures, beaches, mangroves, estuaries, lagoons, wetlands, streams and rivers, and upland dry tropical forest. The tropical forest is home to a diverse native flora and fauna with hilltop vistas of the ocean and mountains. The combination of beauty, solation, and natural biodiversity defines a special paradise for research and learning.



Two of the largest rivers on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula merge within a the Caletas Ario wildlife refuge, at the mouth of one of the last large undeveloped Pacific coast estuaries in Costa Rica. Designation of 600 hectares as a wildlife refuge was the result of cooperation among governmental and private partners as well as regional stakeholders. RVS Caletas -Ario has the unique designation as a “mixed refuge” which allows for non-governmental involvement in the management. This status is achieved through the incorporation of private lands into the refuge and submitting these lands to the management plan Tel. (506) 2640-0279 Cel. (506) 8356-6002 / 8941-9985  




Isla Tortuga


Isla paradisíaca de arenas blancas y palmeras con aguas cristalinas donde se dejan ver infinitas variedades de peces, cruceros y lanchas llegan de Puntarenas, Montezuma y Curu, haciendo un punto de encuentro para cientos de visitantes diarios, algunos tours incluyen un recorrido alrededor de las islas, donde se puede ver la forma de una tortuga en la Isla Alcatraz que da el nombre a dicha isla, visita  el Arco Iris, formación rocosa en un peñón de interesante belleza, Buceo y snorkeling, caminatas por los senderos de la isla y mas.


Tortuga Island


which is one of Costa Ricas ¨Landmark¨ tourist destinations is just a short boat ride up the Coast from Montezuma, Tambor and Curu. World famous for its white sand beaches lined with tall Coconut Palms, Tortuga Island has crystal clear water with no currents which makes this the ideal place for beginners and young people alike to swim and practice their snorkeling skills and professional.

Due to the classic beauty of Tortuga, cruise ships from Puntarenas visit the Island daily bringing tourists that are bussed down from San Jose on a day tour. The boats from Montezuma, Tambor and Curu arrive a couple of hours before the cruise ships begin to show and have the island all to themselves until around 10 A.M. when the ships begin to arrive with people from around the world that invade the Island with their BBQ´s and Marimba bands. Let the party begin! It is not uncommon to see a couple of hundred people during the summer months dancing under the Coconut Palms and snorkeling or kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Tortuga Island. For those who like to hike, there are footpaths on the island that can be enjoyed while taking in the ambiance and nature at Tortuga Island.

 Tortuga Island  Tortuga Island  Tortuga Island Tortuga Island

Tour operators:

BEST DEAL OF THE MONTH 2x1 Curú Wildlife Refuge & Tortuga Island Costa Rica, reserve contact:TURISMO CURU:Telefax: (506) 2641-0004

COCOZUMA TRAVELLER MONTEZUMA:  Next to sano banano hotel, Montezuma. info & reservations:  Tel.: (506) 2642-1011 Cel.: (506) 8779-3112

COCOZUMA 4, SANTA TERESA, Playa Carmen, COSTA RICA: simply your best Choice! Sport fishing- snorkeling at Tortuga Island - speed boat to Jacó - high speed internet, Contact us: Ph.: 2640-0673

DIVE ACADEMY BALLENA BLANCA Provides you with that service at Isla Tortuga and different dive sites all over East Nicoya and the South of Cabo Blanco offering the widest range of courses you can think, including special diving for kids. Equipment for 15 people is brand new and includes a new compressor and an Apex Diving boat of 26ft. So you can expect to be served on a high level but with still moderate prices.

This wonderful island belongs to one of 10 main destinations in Costa Rica and is just in front of many of our diving spots. We combine many of our diving excursions with a short stay on the island or have lunch where we have our own "rancho". You save therefore money for a separate trip to Isla Tortuga

Contact informations phone (506) 8708-0787  / 2683-0015

TOURS TROPICAL TOURS: tourist information. tours-taxi, internet, free maps, bikes for rent. Transfers: Samara $45, Tamarindo $45, Sta. Cruz $45,salida/departure: 07:45 a.m. Tels.: 2640-1900/0811 playa carmen, 100 m. norte del cruce.

TURISMO CURU: Telefax: (506) 2641-0004




A full day adventure, all-inclusive!

Cruising along the coast for a breathtaking 50-minute boat ride is how you’ll begin your voyage to Tortuga Island. Jagged volcanic rock spills into the sea to create a dramatic contrast with the brown sand, red rocks and crushed shells that make up the variety of different beaches along the way.

Spotting a group of playful dolphins, marveling at the enormous jumping manta rays or for the luckiest of visitors, catching a glimpse of surfacing humpback whales are just a few examples of the marine life frequently viewed as we make our way to the island.

Upon arriving to the tropical paradise of Tortuga Island we anchor the boat within viewing distance of the white sand beach for our first snorkeling session. The crystal waters at Tortuga are surrounded by volcanic rock reef which is home of the best snorkeling site on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast.
King Angelfish, Porcupine fish, Morays, Needlefish, Spotted Eagle Rays and a myriad of other tropical beauties make for a phenomenal snorkeling experience. Not to mention the oysters your guide might find for a fresh ceviche on the beach!

After your incredible snorkeling adventure we take you onto the white sand beach of Tortuga Island. While lunch is being prepared grab a cold drink and take a stroll along the beach and swim in the calm crystal waters. For lunch our chef serves up fresh BBQ fish or chicken in his secret sauce, tasty grilled potatoes and vegetables, bread and a big fresh tropical fruit buffet.

The rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy. Take part in a volleyball game or rent a kayak to discover the other secluded beaches of the island. Or for the more adventurous take a hike up to the top of the island for some spectacular views of the Gulf of Nicoya and the surrounding islands. Join us for a second snorkeling session at a different spot on the reef or take a siesta under the coco palms on the island. As the day comes to an end we get back on the boat for the picturesque ride back to Montezuma.

Tel.: (506) 2642-0024





THE JUNGLE BUTTERFLY FARM: Let's Enjoy the Wonders! Guided Tours by Appointment Mon-Sat 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Pueblo Nuevo, Bejuco, Nandayure, Guanacaste, Peninsula de Nicoya, Costa Rica Call 8719-1703





In  2003 we started operating the diving activity as a complement to our main activity of snorkeling.
The diving sites are around the Islas Tortuga on the south part of the Nicoya Peninsula. Today we
are the largest  company operating in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We work under   PADI
International standards.  Our base is inside the Curu Wild Life Refuge, and our guides are local divers
with lots of knowledge of the area. During all this years we have acquired the knowledge of currents,
tides, marine life and all the factors that are important when diving. The diving sites have been
selected from several that we  explore and study everyyear.

You can chose one  or two dives, depending on your time, budget and experience, each dive is in a
different site around  Islas Tortuga. We can take you to sites where White Tip Sharks are common
all year round. In the dry season (December - April) the big Manta Rays visit us, but during all year
you will easily see Eels, Spotted Eagle Rays, Puffer Fish and many others. If you are not 
experienced it´s no a problem, because for safety reasons we consider every diver a biginner, 
so we will watch after you all the time, that´s why one of our Dive Masters will guide you under water.
Our groups are small so we guaranty the divers will enjoy more and that  you will do it in a safe way
and without pressure from other more experience divers, in this way we also achieve our goal, having
a unique experience. For the interval we visit the main beach at Islas Tortuga, where we will prepare
some fresh fruits and sodas, and enjoy this paradise  for about 1 hour Back at the base within the
Curu Wild Life Refuge you will enjoy the grace and beauty of wildlife highlighting the White Face
Monkeys and White-tailed deer. Within the park you will find facilities such as showers, restrooms,
souvenirs stores and nature trails.

Practical Information


In dry season  (December-April) the average water temperature is about 27 ºC or 81 ºF, some times
termoclines can drop the temperature few degrees  at 15 meters or 45 feet. The ambient 
temperature during dry season may ise to 35 ºC to 40 ºC or 90 ºC to 110 ºF. In rainy season 
(May to November)the water temperature can drop to  25 ºC or 77 ºF, and the ambient
temperature can be in the range of  25 ºC or 30 ºC or 77 ºF to 85 ºF.


In dry season (December-April) the visibility can be between 10 to 30meters or 30 to 90 feet. 
In rainy season the visibility can be diminishedby half. Among the different factors that can 
affect visibility are: -Rough swell due to storms in the Pacific Ocean.

-Heavy rain for long periods, causing the river flow to carry sediment to
the dive site.

-Plankton exces in the water due to fertilizers that are carried by rivers
to the ocean.

-Strong winds that create a surface wave, which can lift sediments in 
shallow places.


The immersion time (bottom time) will depend on the air consumption by the 
diver, but on average is about 45 minutes. Bottles or aluminum tanks we
use are 12 liters or 80 cubic feet. The average depth is about 15 meters 
or 45 feet. The dive sites are covered by large rocks and the seabed migh
be cover with white sand and small stones. The motion of waves is always 
present, inclusive in the deep places, so this can be confused with sea 
currents, but this is avoided by our expert Dive Master choosing the most 
suitable sites for that particular day.
Desde el año 2003 iniciamos con buceo en Costa Rica, en la partes sur de
la Península de Nicoya. Hoy en día somos la empresa más grande de la costa
Pacifico Central. Somos una empresa de PADI Internacional. Nuestra base
está en el Refugio Privado de Curú, nuestros guías son personas de la
zona. Los años de experiencia nos han permitido conocer las corrientes,
mareas y la vida marina, lo que nos permite ofrecerles la mejor
alternativa para buceo. Los sitios de buceo han sido escogidos a lo largo
de muchos años de exploración y de estudio de la zona.

El cliente puede escoger entre una o dos inmersiones, siendo la segunda en
un sitio diferente de la costa de las Islas Tortuga. Contamos con sitios
para ver tiburones Punta Blanca, Manta Rayas, Anguilas y muchas especies
más. Además podemos llevarlo a sitios de poca profundidad y poco oleaje,
para aquellos que no tienen tanta experiencia.

Nuestros grupos son pequeños lo que garantiza que las personas que nos
acompañan lo hacen en forma segura y con más libertad y sin presiones,
logrando que se disfrute más y se vea más vida marina. Nuestra parada de
seguridad la hacemos en la playa de la Islas Tortuga, donde disfrutara de
unas deliciosas frutas cuidadosamente escogidas y preparadas por nuestro

De regreso a la base dentro del Refugio de Vida Silvetre Curu podra
disfrutar de la gracia y belleza de la fauna silvestre, destacando los
Monos Cara Blanca y los venados Cola Blanca. Dentro del refugio contara
con facilidades como duchas, servicios sanitarios, venta de souvenirs y
senderos naturales.

Información práctica


En época de verano (diciembre-abril) la temperatura promedio del agua es
de unos 27 ºC o 81 ºF, algunas veces se encontraran termo climas a una
profundidad de unos 15 metros o 45 pies, esto puede bajar la temperatura
unos pocos grados. La temperatura ambiente en época seca o verano se puede
elevar hasta los 35 ºC a 40 ºC o 90 ºF a 110 ºF.

En temporada de lluvia (mayo a noviembre) la temperatura en el agua puede
bajar a 25 ºC o 77 ºF,y la temperatura ambiente puede rondar el rango de
los 25 ºC a 30 ºC o 77 ºF a 85 ºF.


En época de verano (Diciembre a Abril) las visibilidades pueden estar
entre 10 y 30 metros o 30 y 90 pies. En época de lluvia las visibilidades
pueden verse disminuidas a la mitad. Los factores que afectaran la
visibilidad son:

-Oleaje fuerte debido a tormentas en el mar Pacífico.

-Lluvias fuertes por tiempos prolongados, lo que provoca que los ríos
arrastren sedimento hasta los sitios de buceo.

-Excedente de plancton en el agua debido a los fertilizantes que son
arrastrados por los ríos hasta el océano.

-Vientos fuertes que crean un oleaje superficial pero que puede levantar
sedimento en los lugares poco profundos.


Los tiempos de la inmersión dependerán del consumo del aire por parte del
buzo, pero en promedio es de unos 45 minutos. Las botellas o tanques son
de aluminio de unos 12 litros o 80 pies cúbicos.  Las profundidades
promedio son de unos 15 metros o 45 pies. Los sitios de buceo están
cubiertos por rocas grandes y un fondo que puede ser de arena o piedras
mas pequeñas. El movimiento por las olas esta siempre presente, inclusive
en los lugares profundos, por lo que esto se puede confundir con
corrientes marinas, sin embargo estas normalmente las evitamos escogiendo
los sitios mas adecuados para ese día en particular.


provides you with that service at Isla Tortuga and different dive sites all over East Nicoya and the South of Cabo Blanco offering the widest range of courses you can think, including special diving for kids. Equipment for 15 people is brand new and includes a new compressor and an Apex Diving boat of 26ft. So you can expect to be served on a high level but with still moderate prices.

Our diving school is well known in Costa Rica for our high quality diving equipment:

15 complete dive sets, special dive sets for kids, 30 x 80cu alu tanks, special dive tanks for kids.

Diving items for rent include: Underwater Cameras, Lights and a lot of other diving devices.

Even the little ones are not forgotten, we have a lot of beach gear, games and a lot more including diving courses for kids! Just like we say in Costa Rica....Pura Vida!

Our two diving boats are registered in Costa Rica, 1 x Apex 26' for 12 people or 8 divers, 2 x 150 hp Yamaha outborder 1 x Apex 26' for 12 people or 8 divers, 1 x 120 hp Mercruiser easy access, you can get in and out without difficulty, there is also a lot off space and is equipped with radio, gps, fish finder and music system.

We have a brand new dive compressor Coltri MCH16 with an air delivery of 265L/min. Check out our price list for diving, diving courses & tours in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.  And the you like wreck diving? Well, we offer the best wreck diving in Costa Ricaincluding 2 Coast Guard wrecks! Tortuga Island Area Wrecks: The only place in Central America with three shipwrecks for diving!

And the most important thing beside a lot of fun diving with Dive Academy Ballena Blanca in Costa will see lots of fish!

First time diving in this area or in Costa Rica? No problem, we help you also finding the right hotel or cabinas near our diving shop. Check our favourites and Links Page or ask for more details if you are looking for something else. We get special rates for our diving guests and do not take commission, you get the discounted price if you are diving with us.

We speak English, hablamos Español..

Academia de Buceo Ballena Blanca, con cursos desde niños hasta profesionales, todo con equipos completamente nuevos para 15 buzos o mas, un compresor nuevo y una embarcación especial para bucear de tipo Apex de 26 pies. Estos nuevos servicios se brindaran con un estándar de nivel internacional muy alto con personal que habla hasta 5 idiomas y precios razonables.


Contact informations phone (506) 8708-0787  / 2683-0015


Paradise Tortuga Island is located on the Central Pacific coast 
of Costa Rica in the Nicoya Peninsula, which is surrounded by an abundance of dive sites, 
most of which are accessible within a thirty minutes boat ride. 
Isla Tortuga and its surrenders are famous around the world because is the only area in 
Costa Rica and Central America with three sank boats, where we provided one of the best 
diving adventures in Costa Rica. Average visibility ranges from 30 ft. to 50 ft. with possibilities 
of up to 80 ft. We dive volcanic rock formations and rock pinnacles.

Our local dive sites offer white tip sharks, giant schools of grunt, yellowtails, spotted eagle 
rays, turtles, stingrays, angel fish, octopus, sea horses, starfish, frog fish and many 
species of eels. We have also seen whale sharks up to 35 feet long on numerous 
occasions, as well as, spinner dolphin, humpback whales, pilot whales, orcas, false 
killer whales and schools containing hundreds of Mobulas and thousands of cow-nosed 
rays. The dive itself offers you the chance to explore the micro life, along with very large 
puffer fish, nudibranchs, gigantic slumbering parrotfish, lobster, tube worms and sea horses.

Also offered are long-range dive trips to both the Tortuga Island and Curu Wild Life Refuge.
Tortuga Island is the ONLY place in Costa Rica where you can dive all the year around.
Schools of Manta rays with wingspans from 14 ft. to 20 ft. have been seen along with 
numerous white tip.

The outside temperature at the beaches is 85° to 90° year round. The rainy season runs 
from May to November, with these months providing some of our best diving. 
Since we are located in a protected area and do not have rivers draining into our water 
and visibility is not adversely affected by the rain. In fact, visibility is often enhanced as 
the rain settles the plankton and rich nutrients that are abundant in Costa Rica


OLINGO SURF AND NATURE EXPERIENCES: Closer to the Nature, live the experience of the Nicoya Peninsula with our certified local and bilingual instructor and tour guides. We are good because we love what we do, Surf lessons, Cabo Blanco Tours.

We are based in Playa Santa Teresa, 200 North of Super La Hacienda,  Cel. (506) 8707-1782 Tel. (506) 2640-0433





es un refugio de vida silvestre muy variado que hace de su visita una experiencia completa, desde la observación de muchas especies animales, manglares y playas de ensueño, tour a Isla Tortuga que se encuentra en frente a solo 10 minutos, buceo y snorqueling con equipos profesionales, tours a caballo o caminatas por senderos de distinto grado de dificultad, también cuenta con alojamiento. Info: 2641-0004  2641-0100

Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda 

is located on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of northwestern Costa Rica. The area is teaming with abundant wildlife and hosts one of the most beautiful beaches and protected bays on the Nicoya Peninsula. The area offers easy access to seeing some of the most sought after species such as White-faced monkeys, Howler monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, White-tailed Deer, Collared Peccary, Coati, Raccoons, Coyotes, Iguanas, and hundreds of species of tropical and migratory birds. Curú contains Costa Rica’s first private National Wildlife Refuge and is an example of a successful sustainable development program. The hacienda still includes low levels of cattle grazing and produces tropical fruits such as mangos on an annual basis; however, tourism and visitation by school groups and researchers are the focus of Curú today. Is managed sustainably to produce a profit and local employment, while also protecting its threatened and endangered forested habitats such as mangroves, tropical moist and dry forests, and coral reefs.  Info: 2641-0004  2641-0100


Tour operators:

OLINGO SURF AND NATURE EXPERIENCES: Closer to the Nature, live the experience of the Nicoya Peninsula with our certified local and bilingual instructor and tour guides. We are good because we love what we do, Surf lessons, Cabo Blanco Tours.

We are based in Playa Santa Teresa, 200 North of Super La Hacienda,  Cel. (506) 8707-1782 Tel. (506) 2640-0433



TURISMO CURU: Island Tour Adventure. Tortuga Island, Curú Wildlife Refuge , diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canopy, horseback riding. Paquera Costa Rica acroos road gas station. Telefax: (506) 2641-0004




Barra Honda es el único parque nacional de Costa Rica que cuenta con un complejo de 19 cavernas ideales para el turismo de aventura cuenta con servicio de guía, área de acampar, Info: 2659-1551


Barra Honda 


is the only national park in Costa Rica that has a complex of 19 ideal caverns for the adventure tourist. Guides are available and there is an area to camp. For information call 2659-1551.

  Barra Honda Barra Honda Barra Honda Barra Honda




Las Baulas, Camaronal y Caletas Arío fueron creados para proteger de su extinción al reptil más grande del mundo, La tortuga Baula, otras tortugas marinas avistadas son Lora, Carey y Negra, anidan de Noviembre a Febrero cuenta con Centro de Información, Guías locales, Info: 2653-0470  2659-8190/3

Las Baulas, Camaronal and Caletas Arío  

Reserves were created to protect the extinction of the greatest reptile of the world, the Baula turtle. Others spotted are the Lora, Carey and Black Turtles which pass through November through February. For more information and local guides call 2653-0470 2659-8190/3

  Las Baulas, Camaronal and Caletas Arío Las Baulas, Camaronal and Caletas Arío Las Baulas, Camaronal and Caletas Arío Las Baulas, Camaronal and Caletas Arío



Karen Mögensen 

es una reserva natural de 900 ha de extensión creada con el fin de reforestar los bosques tropicales. Administrado por la asociación sin fines de lucro ASEPALECO, su intención es buscar donaciones para ampliar esta zona protegida. Ellos organizan tours a las cascadas como Velo de Novia de 84 metros de altura, y la vegetación es digna de ser admirada.     Info: 2650-0607

En el centro de la Reserva se encuentra el Albergue Cerro Escondido. Por senderos espectaculares de bosque a pie o a caballo, se llega al albergue, donde hay una antigua casa con cocina de leña y dos cabinas con dos lindas habitaciones cada una. También hay un comedor y una sala educativa con vistas magníficas del bosque que le rodea.

Las habitaciones son para 4-6 personas cada una. En el Albergue hay también una sala colectiva donde se puede dar hospedaje a 10 personas más. Se acepta un máximo de 25 personas.

En la sala educativa se organizan reuniones, seminarios y talleres para grupos. Alrededor del Albergue hay varios senderos para caminatas y dos miradores de donde se puede ver la Península y el Golfo de Nicoya. Se pueden conseguir guías especializados sobre las especies

de la Reserva, en las comunidades vecinas. Si hay un grupo de más de 8 personas, dispuestas a caminar por seis horas, se puede organizar  una caminata por el bosque en las montañas, desde el albergue hasta la comunidad de Guarial de Paquera. El requisito para este tour es el de tener muy buena condición física para realizar esta aventura.

Un lugar completamente aislado, sin electricidad ni vecinos, con energía proveniente de paneles solares, con escenarios y un bosque muy especial, atendido por una familia con costumbres puras del costarricense y en donde la llegada es toda una aventura

La catarata Velo de Novia con una caída de 84 metros de altura y las pozas que ofrece el Río Blanco, son atractivos inolvidables que no se puede perder. Una característica que posee este  proyecto es que lo que genera económicamente es invertido en la administración de la reserva o en los procesos de educación ambiental que se realizan en la región. Además, promueve la participación y el beneficio de las comunidades de la zona, que originalmente no tenían oportunidad de contactar visitantes de otros países.

En el punto más alto de la reserva, hay construido un mirador para ayudar a prevenir los incendios forestales y  ofrece una vista estupenda del Golfo de Nicoya

 Karen Mogensen        Karen Mogensen       Karen Mogensen       Karen Mogensen

Karen Mögensen

is a nature reserve consisting of 900 Hectares which was created with the intention to protect and revitalize tropical rainforests. Administered by the ASEPALECO association which is a non-profit organization that accepts donations in order to extend this protected zone. They organize tours to waterfalls like ¨Velo de Novia¨ which is 84 meters high, that has unique vegetation and is worthy of admiration.  For information, call 2650-0607 or visit

In the center of the Reserve is Albergue Escondido Hill. Accessed by spectacular footpaths through the forest or on horseback, you arrive at the shelter where there is an old house that has a kitchen with a wood burning stove and two cabins that each have two bedrooms. Also there is a dining room and an educative living room with magnificent views of the surrounding forest.

Each of the bedrooms rooms can sleep 4-6 people and there is a collective room which can lodge 10 people more bringing the maximum up to 25 people. In the educative room, meetings and seminares are organized along with group workshops. Around the Albergue, there are several footpaths for long walks through the forest that have two vantage points where it is possible to see the Peninsula and the Gulf of Nicoya. Specialized guides are available and if there is a group of more than 8 persons ready to walk for six hours through the mountains, a tour can be organized which takes you from the shelter to the community of Guarial de Paquera.

The requirement for this tour is to be in good physical condition to realize this adventure as there is no electricity or neighbors with energy originating from solar panels. The scenery is breathtaking and the forest is a special place. The Veil of Fiancèe waterfall has spectacular pools along with the scenery that the

Rio Blanco offers is an unforgetable experience. One of the characteristics of this project aside that the money generated helps protect this wonderful rainforest, is that it offers the region access to enviornmental education that the locals wouldn´t have, along with the the opportunity to be in contact with the World community.  along with offering a wonderful view of the Gulf of Nicoya.





Bosque Diriá


este Parque Nacional es el área de conservación más grande de la Península con vistas panorámicas desde las partes altas de la montaña, aguas cristalinas de Río En Medio, Cascada Quebrada Brasil. Senderos, Alojamiento, Área de acampar. Info:2680-1820/1930


Diriá forest


is a National Park in an area of high conservation on the Peninsula with panoramic views from the higher parts of mountain with crystalline waters of the river below and waterfall ¨Brazil¨. Footpaths, Lodging and camping are available. For information call 2680-1820/1930.

 Diriá forest                 Diriá forest                  Diriá forest







fue declarado Sitio de Importancia Internacional por la Convención de Humedales de Ramsar por la importancia de sus manglares, esteros, ríos y bosques de gran belleza. Existen puntos de Información, paseos en lancha, Tours, Pesca con cuerda, Senderos. Info: 2659-8190/3




was declared an International Site of Importance the by the Convention of Humedales de Ramsar because of the importance of its mangroves, waterways, rivers and forests of great beauty. Points of Information, boat rides, Tours and fishing with handlines and footpaths are available. For information call - 2659-8190/3







es un refugio de vida silvestre mixto esfuerzo de las autoridades gubernamentales y una empresa privada de desarrollo inmobiliario turístico, cuyo objetivo es la protección de la flora y fauna presentes en 2 ecosistemas que se interrelacionan como son el bosque seco tropical y el manglar dando como resultado una rica variedad de especies, la infraestructura es muy completa e incluye áreas de acampar.  Info: 2654-4005/736




is a wild life refuge with a joint effort by the authorities governmental and a private real estate and tourist development company whose objective is the protection and preservation of the local flora and fauna of 2 ecosystems that interrelate, one being the mangroves and the other being a tropical dry forest that provides the rich ecosystem with specific wildlife of the area. The infrastructure is very complete and includes areas to camp. For information call -2654-4005/736






Ostional es el principal sitio en el mundo de anidacion de la tortuga Lora, por el tamaño y la frecuencia de las arribadas, se concentran hasta 15 mil tortugas por espacio de 4 días. Cuenta con servicio de guías, tour por el manglar Info:2682-0400/0937




is the main site in the world for the reproduction of the Lora turtle. By the size and the frequency of arrival, they are concentrations of up to 15 thousand turtles during the course of 4 days. Guides are available along with tours of the mangroves. Call for more information: 2682-0400/0937 Ostional hundreds of turtlesOstional baby turtlesOstional mature turtleOstional baby turtles









Hacienda El Viejo


ha dedicado 1300 hectáreas a refugio silvestre para la protección, entre otras aves del Jabirú, variedad de Cigüeña considerada el ave acuática más grande del continente. Dispone de Canopy de 13 cables, paseo en anfibio por Río Tempisque, restaurante, paseos guiados. Info: 2688-8195/8000 ext 262


Hacienda El Viejo


has dedicated 1300 hectares as a wildlife refuge for the protection of among other birds the Jabirú which is variety of Stork, the great aquatic bird of the continent. It has a Canopy tour with 13 cables, along with an amphibian guided tour of the Tempisque River, including restaurants and nature walks. For information call 2688-8195/8000 ext 262





Monte Alto


fue creado para proteger la vida silvestre y las fuentes de agua del Río Nosara, conserva el bosque húmedo premontano, vistas del Golfo y el O. Pacifico, observación de aves y orquídeas. Entre otras facilidades cuenta con hospedaje, alimentación, caminatas guiadas, tour Agro-Ecológico Info: 2659-9347


Monte Alto


was created to protect the wild life and the sources of water for the Nosara River, conservation of humid pre mountain forest with views of the Gulf and Pacific Ocean while observing birds and orchids. With lodging facilities and food available, along with guided tours and hiking. For information call - 2659-9347


 Monte Alto                     Monte Alto                Monte Alto






Río Cañas es importante para la reproducción de gran variedad de especies, Lagunas Estero Largo y Potrero Largo navegable en bote, venta de comidas, pesca con cuerda, senderos. Info: 2680-1820


Río Cañas 


river is important for the reproduction of numerous species, with Lagoons, Estuaries and boat rides, with food available and fishing by hand lines permitted.

For information call - 2680-1820

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Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda
Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda
Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda
Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda
Cabo Blanco First Absolute Nature Reserve in Costa Rica
Cabo Blanco First Absolute Nature Reserve in Costa Rica
Cabo Blanco First Absolute Nature Reserve in Costa Rica
Cabo Blanco First Absolute Nature Reserve in Costa Rica