Tambor, Montezuma, Samara and Mal Pais, host a series of Sport Fishing boats that provide half and full day fishing charter.

Year round species include Sailfish, Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna, Dorado, Spanish mack­erel, Red Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda and large Roosterfish, with the occasional Snook and Sea Bass thrown in.

There are Sailfish and Whales in the mouth of Tambor Bay starting in December, here the fishing is done in close so there is no need to loose sight of land and deep sea fishing here takes on another form as this also becomes great family fun which is not only reserved for the hard core fisherman.

The main fish­ing is generally done a short ride along the coast out by the Cabo Blanco Marine Reserve where you will see an abun­dance of birds and aquatic life to include schools of resi­dent Dolphins, hug Manta Rays along with various other migrating species includ­ing Humpback Whales.

Tour operators:

BLUE JAY LODGE: 2640-0089/ 0342

CABO BLANCO TRAVELLER: at Cabinas El Capitan, Montezuma Downtown. 10 años / years experience. Español- English - Françoise. Sport Fishing, Custom Boat Rides!!! Tel.: (506) 2642-1439/ 8835-0270

COCOZUMA TRAVELLER MONTEZUMA:  Next to sano banano hotel, Montezuma. info & reservations:  Tel.: (506) 2642-1011 Cel.: (506) 8779-3112

COCOZUMA 4, SANTA TERESA, Playa Carmen, COSTA RICA: simply your best Choice! Sport fishing- snorkeling at Tortuga Island  Contact us: Ph.: 2640-0673

ISLA RED SNAPPER: Sport Fishing Mal Pais, Santa Teresa Tel. (506) 2640- 0490 / 8848-7322

TOURS TROPICAL TOURS:  Tels.: 2640-1900/0811 playa carmen, 100 m. norte del cruce.

ZUMATOURS:  +(506) 8873-4692 (customer service) +(506) 2642-0024 / 2642-0516

With the Pacific Ocean, abundant in marine life and the lush tropical ambience, its no surprise Costa Rica is one of the worlds top fishing destinations. The coastal waters are home to many Yellow-fin Tuna, Mackerel, Jack and Mahi-Mahi. As you move out into the deep sea waters you are likely to find Sailfish, large Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and possibly some Marlin. Our captains, who since childhood has been fishing the waters of Montezuma, will help you learn all the best spots and local secrets. Along with our English speaking guide, your captain will take you on a fishing experience you will never forget.

Our 28ft & 26ft coastal fishing boats are equipped with outriggers and top of the line fishing gear. 4 lines in water plus mate - guide and captain.

Our 30ft & 35 ft Deep Sea Fishing boat are equipped with all the necessary and more for the Marlin and Sailfish and any other big species. Up to 6 lines in the water, life bate, Sport Fishing gear, Beers, Lunch, A/C, bilingual guide, mates and Captain.

We use first class fishing equipment and tackle and while on board, serve you food and drinks for a memorable experience. We offer an array of different fishing trips to provide something for every type of fisherman.

Whether a fisherman at heart or a fisherman’s first start…. you’ll have an incredible fishing experience with us at Zuma Tours!


The Fishing

The waters of the Pacific Ocean are home to many different species of fish. The species most frequently caught on our trips are listed below.

Tuna - Yellow fin tuna are the most common species of tuna found in the waters off the coast. They are most abundant in the rainy season months when floating logs and other debris are found in the ocean. There are other species of tuna in the area including Skipjack and Big eye Tunas, but the most prized catch is the Yellow fin.

Mahi-Mahi - Also known as Dolphin fish or Dorado, Mahi-Mahi is one of the most exciting offshore game fish to catch and see in the open ocean. When hooked, these beautiful fish "light up" with almost neon colors and put up an exciting, high jumping, tail walking fight. Commonly found near floating objects such as tree branches and other natural debris the rivers wash into the ocean. They feed on the sealife which seek shelter near and in the floating structures, such as flying fish, squid and other small fish.

Sailfish - One of the most predominant species here on the Pacific Coast waters of Costa Rica . You should expect to see many free jumpers and excessive amounts of sailfish during the months of December through May. An exciting fish to reel in, as it performs spectacular jumps out of the water and puts up a good fight. We always practice catch and release with the billfish.

Mackerel - Spanish mackerel prefer open water but are sometimes found over deep grass beds and reefs, as well as shallow water estuaries. They form large, fast-moving schools that migrate great distances along the shore When a large school is found; the action is often fast and furious.

Wahoo - If you love speed then Wahoo is your breed. Considered to be the fastest fish with great endurance, it is a strong fight when hooked. The area is not known to hold great numbers of these fast fish, but you never know. They are found year round in random numbers, however one of these as a catch can provide a GREAT DINNER!

Marlin - Blue, Stripped and Black Marlin is one of the foremost big game species in Costa Rica . The marlin has exceptional size and strength, and is a powerful, aggressive fighter. It runs hard and long, sounds deep, and leaps high into the air in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. Marlin is normally found roaming deep waters and congregating near reefs where they find their prey.

Snook - The Snook is a powerful fish and a thrilling catch, much like the freshwater Largemouth Bass. That is one of the reasons why it is one of the most sought after and prized game fish to catch. Once hooked its strength and speed is hard to compare to any other game fish of its size.

Snapper - Many different species of snapper reside in the waters off the coast of Montezuma including red snapper, yellowtail snapper and spotted rose snapper. They are found year round near the shore, over deep reefs and rocky bottoms. Their tasty white meat is a delicacy and provides a delicious dinner.




Sport Fishing From Playa San Miguel-Coyote Costa Rica

We fish the waters off of Cabo Blanco north to Plays Guinoes.  This strip of coast boasts over a dozen IGFA world records and is one of the best in the country for year round catches.  Here you find Pargo, Dorado, Snook, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Blue and Black Marlin and Roosterfish.  As a general rule, December thru May is the prime season for most species.  If river fishing interests you, the nearby Rio Bongo is an anglers dream!

Henner, your host and owner of Cristal Azul, has been a professional sport fishing guide and captain in Costa Rica for over 20 years.  He has had a true passion for the sport since he was a child growing up in the port town of Puntarenas.  If you are looking for a true sport fishing adventure in Costa Rica, but want to avoid the crowds familiar to the waters of Quepos, Flamingo and Golfito, we have a rod with your name on it.

The Apipucos, or 28ft center console boat, is equipped with twin Johnson 250’s and state of the art electronics to get you to the fish safely.  All sportfishing tackle is top of the line and we use only Penn International and Shimano rods and reels.  Coolers onboard are packed with fresh fruit, an ample supply of juice, soft drinks, water, the coldest beer and deli style sandwiches!  Fresh ceviche served on board if caught!

If you are looking for adventure while visiting this remote paradise, plan a day aboard Apipucos!  Not only for the sport fishing enthusiasts of all ages, it is also a great way to see the beautiful coastline of Costa Rica but dolphins and whales too!

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