SAN JOSE, Costa Rica
Guía Península de Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica Travel Guide

Our Capital City San Jose is only six hours away from the Southern Nicoya Peninsula by car or bus which includes a ferry ride across the Gulf of Nicoya. From a cultural point of view, San Jose is an older city that is rich in tradition which can be seen represented through the architecture and within the many plazas where people congregate daily while soaking in the peaceful atmosphere. With mixed American,

European and Asian heritage, you can see and feel the deep cultural diversity that is especially evident in the downtown architecture of its Museums, Theaters, and Hotels. Like any other major city throughout the World, there are fast foods and modern shopping malls of every kind scattered throughout downtown and the small provincial cities that make up the capital. For the local Tico, the beach is only an hour and a half away and many choose to pack up their cars for the weekend with everything they’ll need to camp along the many miles of picturesque beaches that are close by. Costa Rica has an Automobile Race Track that hosts a series of racing events during our summer months which run December through April to include motocross and open air concerts. The Football Stadiums where passion and emotion flow during Soccer games is a great diversion and energy release for the local population. Depending on which of the rival teams are playing along with the results of the many National and International championship games that are held through out the season here, the fanatics literally pour out into the city streets after a match hooting and hollering with people hanging out of cars waving their teams flags and beeping their horns after a victory. San Jose also hosts an Amusement Park known as the “Parque de Diversiones” where the younger crowd and families spend some of their weekend leisure time.    

San Jose is also known internationally for its professional medical care with operations and inexpensive procedures like Plastic Surgery which attracts people from around the World while making up for a large portion of Costa Rica's tourism throughout the year. Just an hour or two from the city one can find many of Costa Rica's treasured tourist attractions; places like the Hot Springs of Fortuna, the active Volcanoes of Arenal and Poas, the rain forests and cheese producing region of Monteverde, along with the famous artisans of Sarchi in which day tours can be arranged from just about any hotel in the city. The nightlife is San Jose is tremendous, where you can find a mix of both foreigners and locals having fun at their favorite watering holes and discothèques. International restaurants of every kind can be found scattered throughout the city and in the provinces which are all just a short cab or bus ride away. Depending on your traveling connections, most visitors choose to reserve a day or two to explore the many wonders both in the center of town and close by throughout the local provinces that make up San Jose.

Es la capital de este país, se encuentra a dos horas y media de viaje desde el Sur de la Península de Nicoya es una ciudad que alberga singulares historias  y mucha cultura urbana. Sus plazas parques aglomeran gente de todas las edades en sus días soleados para compartir de una tertulia a la sombra de un frondoso árbol. Museos, teatros, estadios de fútbol, parque de diversiones, pistas automovilísticas de carrera,  hospitales hoteles, clínicas de cirugía plástica y estética, y centros culturales son parte del itinerario posible a realizar.  Muchas plazas de compras comúnmente llamadas malls que cuentan con salas de cine, áreas de comida, souvenirs y mas son otras opciones a tomar en cuenta a la hora de viajar hacia esta ciudad . Bares, discotecas y casinos para todos los gustos proporcionan un ambiente festivo noche a noche.

Acá podrá elegir entre infinidad de restaurantes que ofrecen desde comida rápida hasta la mas fina cocina gourmet internacional. El aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría se encuentra a escasos kilómetros del centro de San José así que, ya sea que usted visite el país por turismo aventura, ecológico o salud y cuente con suficiente tiempo podrá alojarse en un excelente hotel de la capital con desayuno incluido, agua caliente y piscina o en cualquiera de sus hostales que ofrecen precios muy accesibles sin tener que invertir mucho tiempo. Y si sus vacaciones en la Península de Nicoya están terminando o por alguna razón necesita ir a San José, puede hacer sus reservaciones de hotel desde ahora y visitar estos lugares mencionados.