Guía Península de Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica Travel Guide
Tiene infinitas playas a lo largo de su extenso litoral marítimo, algunas muy visitadas y alegres, otras solitarias e íntimas, tiene paradisíacas islas y parques nacionales, muelle donde arriban los cruceros. Puntarenas es tradicionalmente llamada la Perla del Pacífico por su valor estratégico en la geografía de Costa Rica,  terminales de transportes a todos los destinos, centros educativos, de salud, comercio y de gobierno así como una variada agenda cultural y deportiva entre la que se destaca los carnavales en Febrero de cada año.

A major West Coast Port Terminal and commercial fishing town known as “The Pearl of the Pacific” for its strategic location, Puntarenas is where the fishing fleet is housed and the ferries that connect the mainland to the Nicoya Peninsula operate out of. Commercial fish and shrimp packaging plants which export and distribute their products throughout the country can be found here along with a series of Tuna canning operations. This colorful port town also hosts a municipal pier where Cruise ships put in during our summer months. The nightlife here can become frantic at times, especially when the town hosts a series of yearly Carnivals like “The Virgin of the Sea” in February where they block off a mile of the beachfront road and erect bandstands with bars along with numerous food stands. The opening ceremony for this Carnival is a boat parade and it is quite a sight to see the fishing fleet leave port and take a ride along the beach with the commercial Shrimp boats being loaded down with balloons and passengers hanging off the rails. Everything that floats joins the parade including the Coast Guard boats which also participate in this colorful event. These fiestas go on for 3-4 days and is one hell of a party! Cruise ships that take runs out to Coco Island with diving enthusiasts from around the World along with tours to the local islands also put in here. Puntarenas is home to the major Province government agencies including offices of the Governor, the Health Department and Federal Tax Agency, to include a Federal Court.