Why mountain biking in the Nicoya Peninsula?

The first reason is because the best way to know the real Peninsula is by bike.

Costa Rica is a paradise for mountain bikers and cyclists who are looking for adrenaline and a real adventure, there are trails everywhere and beautiful views, many of them here, in the Nicoya Peninsula.

This country have a very strong culture for cycling, you can see cyclists every corner and also Costa Rica is the home of very big international events as La Ruta de los Conquistadores, the toughest mountain bike race in the world. There are also a lot of others health benefits when you do cycling so don’t wait any more.

Why mountain biking is good for health?

Builds leg strength. Using a bike can help tone your quad, calf and glut (buttocks) muscles as well as strengthen your tendons, without any load bearing. Even better is to combine it with a weights programme in the gym. Just ask any of the instructors in your gym for a programme to combine weights and the bike.

Optimises fat burning. Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum (your maximum is 220 minus your age for men and 225 minus your age for women). Youcan measure your heart rate manually or by using a monitor, which can be linked upto a stationary bike in the gym. Many gym bikes also have digital displays that tell you your heart rate if you place your hands on the sensors.

By measuring your heart rate correctly you can then use the bike to help you burn fat and so lose weight. It’s particularly easy to keep at the correct level on a stationary bike and achieve the 20 minutes needed to see some real benefit.

Is a great way to work the cardiovascular system Your heart and lungs make up your cardiovascular system and the fitter you become, the more efficiently they work.

This means a better flow of blood through your body and a corresponding increase in the speed with which the oxygen is pumped through your system. Your fitness level depends on how well this process is carried out.

It is made more effective by using equipment such as the bike, that works the heart and lungs slowly and to a pre-determined level. By increasing your training on the bike over time, there is an associated improvement in the performance of your cardiovascular system and therefore your fitness level.

- Is non-load-bearing so reduces risk of injury Another advantage of cycling is that it is a non-load bearing form of exercise. By that we mean that your whole body is not being supported during your training as it is when you run for example.

The very action of sitting means that a degree of pressure is being taken off your joints, meaning there is a reduced chance of injury. Many people who are returning to training after an injury use the bike as a way of regaining fitness as they can gradually increase fitness levels without putting pressure on a potentially suspect joint or tendon.

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